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Mc S.
Honolulu, HI

Super honest family business. We ordered the fancy filtered/scented showerhead to get at some of the high levels of chlorine in our area. It’s been working great. Jeremiah is a super hard working honest guy who will offer his advice whether or not you purchase his products/services. Totally recommend this business!

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Lala S.
Honolulu, HI

I really appreciate the team at Water Group 7. They have been great about contacting me and following up, answering all of my questions with patience and honesty. They came for a free consultation, were upfront with everything, and I have never felt pushed to purchase any of their products. I have only had this filter for 1 day, but it seems to be working well. There are no signs of cloudiness in the water after the initial flushing. I have no doubt that should a problem ever occur, I could depend on them to fix it.

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Randy Nagaishi

What started out as an absolute requirement for owning a reverse osmosis system, due to the “hard water” on the west side of Oahu, turned into a normal appliance throughout the years. Since purchasing my original unit over 25 years ago from a local bottle water company, it has followed me as I moved many times over. However, when we moved into the “Urban Core” of Honolulu, I decided it was time to consider newer technology for our water needs. Since Watergroup 7 had serviced my original unit and am very pleased with their customer service, I contacted Jeremiah to learn about the new products. He paid a visit to discuss details and features of the new unit such as a leak detector and a water regulator.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the unit. The customer service was second to none, with Jeremiah responding to my phone calls as well as answering my emails. The installation team of JC and Jerry were very professional and did an outstanding job! I’ve been happy with my experience working with Watergroup 7 throughout the years. I highly recommend them to family and friends. Another quality system made in the USA!

note: see photo of sediment pre-filter doing it’s job. Out with the old, in with a new pre-filter.

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Alexander Davis

From the moment I called, I was satisfied! Jeremiah is a very effective communicator, personable, and all about action! He was at my home the next morning, where I learned so much about water quality and how it’s achieved. 2 days later the installation crew was at my home, where they did a very neat job installing the water softener, and a reverse osmosis system. The drinking water tastes great, the ice is clear, amount of soap used for dishes, laundry, showers has decreased, the lather has increased, and you can really feel a difference in the water when showering! I’m so pleased with my unit, and I love the quality of water now running through my house! I highly recommend Water group 7 for your water quality needs.Great product, professional and courteous service you’ll be very pleased with!!

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Seiji Aspengren

Great service, great prices. Filter water systems, soft water systems, and alkaline water systems. All things water, they are the best!

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Ronelle Melekai

Over a year after purchasing our soft water/water filtration system I must say we are totally satisfied with no more hard water spotting, filtered drinking water from every tap and shower water so much better for our skin. Water Group 7 is super responsive to our questions and requests for service and they have provided everything just as they promised!

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Timora Mitchell

Simply outstanding. This company continues to make me part of there family. If you are debating on a company….this is it!

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Kathleen Mijo

Recently installed a reverse osmosis Water purification system for our home. Very comfortable presentation Integrating our concerns and needs. Installation process kept us informed of what was being done and the work was completed a timely and very clean manner. The water tastes great and we feel we can trust our business with Water Group 7.

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Michael Cunningham

We selected Water Group 7 for our RO and water softener requirements after careful comparisons of leading providers on the island. After one year, we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to go with high tech equipment and equally important, one of the most professional, competent, responsive and courteous firms we’ve ever dealt with. We find Water Group 7 to be preeminent in their field and highly recommend them above all others.

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Cherl MGT320

After contacting and getting quotes from a few companies, I chose Water Group 7. The water softener has been in my house about 4 years now and it really helps with the hard water. The system is easy to use; just add salt every few months. After I recently saw my neighbors have a problem with their system, I had an annual maintenance check and everything was working perfectly.

Its good to support local business especially when they are professional, courteous and reasonably priced. I appreciate that with all my contact with them, they have been accommodating to my schedule and have never tried to over / high pressure sell me.

If you have issues with the water in your home, definitely consider Water Group 7; you will get a quality installation and professional service.

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Cheeechstr M.

I had the filtration system installed one year ago, and today I had the filters replaced. If you’re tired of purchasing bottled water, carrying it into your home then tossing all of that wasted plastic out…look no further! Water Group 7, thanks to Jeremiah and his team provide nothing but friendly professional service & fabulous tasting filtered water

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Nancy K.

After moving here over a year ago, we decided that we couldn’t live with the hard water and the effects on our new home anymore. Plus we wanted RO water to drink and to use to fill our fish tanks. We shopped around and even though Water Group 7 was a little more expensive, we went with them instead of another company because of reviews. And also, when Jeremiah came to our home for a consultation, he was extremely knowledgeable and had everything in a quote so there was no guesswork or surprises. That was over a year ago. Since then we have had a perfectly running system, excellent drinking water, great water for our hair and skin and the damage from hard water is gone from our home. They just called recently and came over to test and do the one year change BEFORE the alert for one year maintenance even went off in the garage! It is a family owned business…very ohana, very professional and they stand behind their work. I called (probably bugged) Jeremiah with some questions and he always called me back promptly and was happy to come over and check or explain something. These guys are the BEST (and I’m not an easy customer!) and isn’t it nice to be worry free when you are taking care of your home? You get what you pay for and they are top notch!

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Chris T.
Honolulu, HI

Very satisfied with the service from Water Group 7. I had a water softener and purifier installed in my home. My water tastes so much better now and my skin feels softer because of the water softener. Water spotting has been minimized so cleaning is a breeze. I highly recommend Water Group 7 for your water purification needs.

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Randy N.
Honolulu, HI

As a longtime owner of a reverse osmosis system, we’ve grown accustomed to drinking pure and refreshing water. What started out as an absolute requirement for owning such a system, due to the “hard water” on the west side of Oahu, turned into a normal appliance throughout the years. Since purchasing my original unit over 25 years ago from a local bottle water company, it has followed me as I moved many times over. However, when we moved into the “Urban Core” of Honolulu, I decided it was time to consider newer technology for our water needs. Since Watergroup 7 had serviced my original unit and am very pleased with their customer service, I contacted Jeremiah to learn about the new products. He paid a visit to discuss details and features of the new unit such as a leak detector and a water regulator. I did have concerns about spacing for the water spigot, but Jeremiah assured me there would be no issue. In the end, I opted for a 3-stage reverse osmosis system with an upgraded spigot.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the unit. The customer service was second to none, with Jeremiah responding to my phone calls as well as answering my emails. The installation team of JC and Jerry did an outstanding job and the upgraded spigot looks great! I’ve been happy with my experience working with Watergroup 7 throughout the years. And can highly recommend them to family and friends. Another quality system made in the USA!

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Gilbert M.
Long Beach, CA

I highly recommend Water Group 7 as a company that is providing high caliber services and products that ensure your families water needs are completely addressed. From the onset of our relationship they demonstrated a very professional and personal service. They LISTEN to your stated needs and help you chose an appropriate water system. Their installation process is well thought out and designed to provide great accessibility with a minimal impact on space. If you are looking for a company to provide cost effective, quality products and services in a professional manner, Water Group 7 should be your choice. Jeremiah, our representative, did a great job of helping me and my wife make a decision we are very comfortable with. Kudos!

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Timora M.
Ewa Beach, HI

Great experience with the team at Water Group 7. They worked with me to ensure timely installation and time to actually see the benefits. I can honestly there was a huge difference using this product in my home. Clothes are soft, water in the shower and kitchen totally different. No more spots!!!!! It took a few days after installation to really see the change so be patient because when it you cycle out all the harden water it becomes silky. You have got to take advantage of this…

Thanks for working with me and my family Water Group 7 and look forward to the next installation!

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Celi B.
Ewa Beach, HI

The water in Ewa Gentry are area is so bad, I needed a water softener system. After contacting and getting quotes from a few companies, I chose Water Group 7. The water softener has been in my house about 4 years now and it works great; very low maintenance. I just had an annual maintenance visit to assure everything was in shape and it was.

Things I like about this company: professional, courteous, accommodating to my schedule, reasonably priced and doesn’t try to oversell me.

If you have issues with the water in your home, definitely consider Water Group 7.

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Byron T.
San Francisco, CA

Water Group 7 will patiently sit down and listen to you, in order to achieve your specific water filtration requirements. Jeremiah also took the time to inspect potential trouble spots, and provide the recommended rectification. In our case, we were very pleased that Jeremiah’s brother installed a sensor, just in case there’s an accidental back flow of water onto the cabin floor. This was extremely significant to us as living in a condo equates to being absolutely vigilant on any potential obstacle.
Professionalism, punctuality, integrity and cordiality, is what sets Water Group 7 apart from all the rest. We highly recommend this fine company.

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Jessica L.
Honolulu, HI

Water group 7 has installed their filter station with our company for a few years now. I’m especially appreciative of it right now since it’s summer time. Even though we have air conditioning in my workplace, the humidity and warmth of outside comes through the cracks of the doors. The water filter provides really cold water, I mean really cold and crisp! My hydroflask keeps it really cold and I love it. No need ice, when we have watergroup 7 filter! Also there is an option for hot water too, it’s super awesome. They always do maintenance checkups as well, love the staff!

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Leo P.
Honolulu, HI

Had Jeremiah consult with us our options on the filters, was very knowledgeable about water filtration and water in general. We are very happy with the water system they installed on our granite counter top. We will definitely use them again.

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Vicky A.
Honolulu, HI

We purchased a system quite a few years ago for our office, the system is great! Jeremiah has been our POC, he and the rest of the staff have always been courteous and have always provided great customer service! Highly recommend the system and company!
Vicky A. for Tetra Tech, Inc.

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Cheryl C.
Aiea, HI

Excellent customer service. For those that order those large, heavy, 5-gallon water bottles for your office (or home)…call Water Group 7 right away. It’s 100% easier and a peace to your mind having your drinking water directly connected to your water line. I love that you have instantly cold or hot water at your convenience…and many people say that they can tell the positive difference drinking from our water. It’s what I serve to my family and all the children at our preschool. Mahalo!

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Troy H.
Honolulu, HI

Saw their van on the road and called them because they advertise free analysis of water. Been looking to get a water system because lugging cases upon cases of bottled water up to my apartment was starting to become a real pain in the tush. The analysis was helpful as I was unaware there was so much stuff in my water. My water tasted funny and learned it was chlorine, turns out there are different ways to filter that stuff out. I ended up buying their osmosis purifier system because I wanted everything removed not just chlorine and particles. I almost bought their standard filtration system but decided to go with the osmosis because I figured worth investing considering what I’ve already spent over the years on bottled water. Their service was great and you can tell these guys are knowledgeable about water. I’ve already referred them to my neighbor. Overall very happy and best of all my water tastes better. I’m loving that I don’t have to carry bottled water up to my apartment anymore.

Derek T.

We are a dental practice in the Kahala area that made the switch from a large jug deliver system to Water Group 7’s solution. So happy we did. No more storing huge ugly jugs in the office, where we have little precious space to begin with!! Water taste great, and the unit is so much nicer looking. Also love Water Group 7’s UV system for filling the water bottles on our A-Dec chairs – Lab verified basement level CFU. If you are using a water jug system to fill your chairs, have u verified it’s CFUs level?

Brandi Johnson

I can’t sing Jeremiah’s praises enough, or his family! Boy did I put him through the ringer. He answered every question that I had, and there were a lot! My doctor recommended a water purifier and or a softener. I was allergic to something in the water. Really! Thanks to Water Group 7 I have No more itching no more Benadryl, and I actually drink the water now! Thank you guys so much!

Linda M.
Waianae, HI

We had our water softener installed on August 21, 2017 and I can’t say enough wonderful things about our whole experience from beginning to end. This is a family business and Jeremiah was very professional and kind. The gentlemen that did our installation were very knowledgeable and professional and did a fabulous job from beginning to end. I love the way skin, hair, clothes, and I could go on feel from having this system. We had very hard water and this is truly amazing on how this system changes your water. No more build up in the pipes! You can’t go wrong with WATER GROUP 7!

Amber Brown

Water Group 7 has been servicing my home for 14 years. We have the reverse osmosis filter and water softener. Our water tastes great and our ice is clear. Jeremiah and his team always provide great service. They are very knowledgeable about the products, reliable for my appointments, the product is great and lasts, and they work fast. I recommend Water group 7 for anyone who uses filtered water and water softener.

Colleen Gere
Aiea, HI

I will start this review by stating that my standards are very high and therefore, I rarely endorse any companies because most of them today have no clue what excellent customer service entails. This is a family-owned and operated business that is second to none in both their skill and service. Their finished work is so clean and neat and they are so respectful to clean up any debris. They are very knowledgeable about their product and industry and they are very grateful for your patronage. Their service after the sale is what puts them into a class of their own…most companies can’t be bothered servicing your account once they have your money. You will be happy to not only do business with Jeremaiah and his family but you will blessed to know them as absolutely wonderful people!

Derick Chandler
Lahaina, HI

If you have hard water (or suspect that your water may be hard), call Water Group 7! They are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Family owned and ran – you get the expected customer service everyone deserves! Jeremiah, our water consultant, was awesome. He took the time to go over our water quality in our home using industry standard tests (I know this because I use similar tests for my line of work). The consultation service includes educating you about what to look for in drinking water, testing for hardness, testing for particulate count in the water, and what systems they offer. The testing is free even if you do not purchase a system from them which is a plus. If you’re in Ewa or Kapolei, you got some pretty hard water and I recommend getting this system. They offer multiple different systems to meet anyone’s needs. We also had a reverse osmosis (R.O.) system installed at the kitchen sink for the cleanest drinking water you can get. Overall, the pricing was very fair and reasonable for these systems. It took them a day to install both systems. Overall, my wife gives her stamp of approval and we can really feel the difference! Our water is soft on the skin and we don’t worry about residue from washing dishes or sediment in the pipes and toilet anymore! We cannot say enough how much we enjoy our new system!

Sierra G.
Honolulu, HI

I’d definitely recommend this company, Jeremiah was very helpful, pulled a lot of strings and did a small residential RO system installation for us. He fit us into his busy schedule, and got our system put in without having to wait two weeks for a scheduled appointment. He also set up automatic bill pay, there was no hassle and everything went smoothly.

Joyce W.
Seattle, WA

I just signed up with Water Group 7 in Oahu and this has been my experience.. positive simply positive..

They were prompt, courteous, responsive to questions and provided excellent service from the beginning until installation!

Very organized and thorough..
The costs involved were also reasonable..
I love the water.. it’s an excellent choice..
Thank you..Happy Customer

Seiji A.
Mililani, HI

My family absolutely loves the new soft water system and also our bottle-less water dispenser. No more mineral deposits on dishes, in the shower or in the pipes. If you’ve never experienced soft water you really should. It’s quite amazing.

WG7 also installed a bottle-less water dispenser that dispenses ice cold and piping hot water on demand. The water is filtered and tastes so good. Can’t describe it in words but the water tastes clean lol. This is a must have because the system taps into your existing water supply so you don’t need to store huge 5gal bottles of water, which takes up space in your home, not to mention makes you look like a hoarder. This system actually makes your home look better and literally pays for itself.

WG7 is highly recommended. They do an outstanding job on installation and they work around your schedule. Very professional at a reasonable price. Check them out!

Shiela H.
Ewa Beach, HI

Just got my water system in. These guys do such clean work. Amazing service and very professional! My family and I feel and taste the difference in the water. One thing that really bothered me before I got the system was the water spots. Now no water spots on my dishes and shower doors! Love it so much. So happy with my water system!

Miranda G.
Henderson, NV

I can’t say enough about the AMAZING service with this family owned business!
Jeremiah’s been my point of contact and has always been courteous and professional!
A bit about our history:
We lived in Kapahulu and got our first system for about $1300 2 years ago and my whole family has enjoyed the reverse osmosis hot and cold water system.
We received an annual maintenance check up where the filters were changed and the system checked…
Pretty straight forward…
Then we found out we were moving to Las Vegas! I asked Jeremiah if he could help me resell my system and he did! Again Amazing customer service!
Now that we’re in Las Vegas I called Jeremiah and asked if he knew of anyone who had the same system… but no luck. And I did not want to settle for some bottled water delivery service.
So guess what he did????
He brought one over for us!
Using a trusted reliable local company Jeremiah had our reverse osmosis system installed!
Thank you for again for our amazing water system and the amazing service!

I hope this review helps you with your decision to buy from Water Group 7!


Wenz T.
Honolulu, HI

Professional family run business with excellent customer service. Being highly dissatisfied with the service provided by the other company, I contacted Water Group 7. Jeremiah, our sales representative was professional, knowledgeable and very responsive. He was able to answer all of my questions and even provided additional information I was not aware of. Water Group 7 will do everything in their power to accommodate your schedule when service is needed. I highly recommend Water Group 7.

Joshua Javinar
Honolulu, HI

I’d give WG7 10 stars if it was possible, 5 for the customer service and 5 for the actual product. This company provides the best of both worlds. We’ve been customers of theirs for 3 years but familiar with their products from work prior to that. Products – Their reverse osmosis water filter provides a much more enjoyable drinking water than any bottled water you could buy. It’s very easy to use and maintenance is an annual cost which comes out to about $20 a month. It taps straight into your water line so there will be no need to make those Costco/Wal-Mart runs to buy cases of bottled water. They also were able to link it to our refrigerator which now has filtered water and filtered ice from the RO water filter system. We also recently purchased a Water Softener and although we are a few days in we really can feel the difference in the the water, the texture, and the feel. They have a bunch of new products for residential and business needs. One of them being a tankless water cooler where filtered water would tap into the cooler and you would no longer have to change a 20lb water jug. Really looking forward to checking out their new showcase room once that is ready.

Customer Service – Jeremiah who is the point of contact/manager/owner is superb in his communication and delivery of excellence in customer service. He never was pushy into forcing us to purchase any of his products, took the time to explain and answer each and everyone of our questions, and really helped work with us to find a solution that best fits our situation. They offer free site inspections where he will come and see what type of water solutions you are looking for. He offers his thoughts, tests the water, and gives his honest and helpful feedback. He was very thorough and helpful when he came over to our house to go over a site inspection on how we would do the install and placement of their products. He really took the time to explain what would work and be most beneficial. We really appreciated him going the extra for us. Whenever we had questions via email or on the phone Jeremiah would answer in quick and prompt manner. Another cool thing about this company is that it’s family owned, local, and all their products are made in the USA. You really can tell that he cares about the customers satisfaction with his products and service. We plan on being customers for along time and advocates of the company due to Jeremiah and his team. We highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a water filter, water softener, or any type of water issues. Their products and service are second to none.

(808) 732-9777