Seiji A.

Mililani, HI
My family absolutely loves the new soft water system and also our bottle-less water dispenser. No more mineral deposits on dishes, in the shower or in the pipes. If you've never experienced soft water you really should. It's quite amazing. WG7 also installed a bottle-less water dispenser that dispenses ice cold and piping hot water on demand. The water is filtered and tastes so good. Can't describe it in words but the water tastes clean lol. This is a must have because the system taps into your existing water supply so you don't need to store huge 5gal bottles of water, which takes up space in your home, not to mention makes you look like a hoarder. This system actually makes your home look better and literally pays for itself. WG7 is highly recommended. They do an outstanding job on installation and they work around your schedule. Very professional at a reasonable price. Check them out!