Randy N.

Honolulu, HI
As a longtime owner of a reverse osmosis system, we've grown accustomed to drinking pure and refreshing water. What started out as an absolute requirement for owning such a system, due to the "hard water" on the west side of Oahu, turned into a normal appliance throughout the years. Since purchasing my original unit over 25 years ago from a local bottle water company, it has followed me as I moved many times over. However, when we moved into the "Urban Core" of Honolulu, I decided it was time to consider newer technology for our water needs. Since Watergroup 7 had serviced my original unit and am very pleased with their customer service, I contacted Jeremiah to learn about the new products. He paid a visit to discuss details and features of the new unit such as a leak detector and a water regulator. I did have concerns about spacing for the water spigot, but Jeremiah assured me there would be no issue. In the end, I opted for a 3-stage reverse osmosis system with an upgraded spigot. All in all, I am very satisfied with the unit. The customer service was second to none, with Jeremiah responding to my phone calls as well as answering my emails. The installation team of JC and Jerry did an outstanding job and the upgraded spigot looks great! I've been happy with my experience working with Watergroup 7 throughout the years. And can highly recommend them to family and friends. Another quality system made in the USA!