Nancy K.

After moving here over a year ago, we decided that we couldn't live with the hard water and the effects on our new home anymore. Plus we wanted RO water to drink and to use to fill our fish tanks. We shopped around and even though Water Group 7 was a little more expensive, we went with them instead of another company because of reviews. And also, when Jeremiah came to our home for a consultation, he was extremely knowledgeable and had everything in a quote so there was no guesswork or surprises. That was over a year ago. Since then we have had a perfectly running system, excellent drinking water, great water for our hair and skin and the damage from hard water is gone from our home. They just called recently and came over to test and do the one year change BEFORE the alert for one year maintenance even went off in the garage! It is a family owned business...very ohana, very professional and they stand behind their work. I called (probably bugged) Jeremiah with some questions and he always called me back promptly and was happy to come over and check or explain something. These guys are the BEST (and I'm not an easy customer!) and isn't it nice to be worry free when you are taking care of your home? You get what you pay for and they are top notch!