Miranda G.

Henderson, NV
I can't say enough about the AMAZING service with this family owned business! Jeremiah's been my point of contact and has always been courteous and professional! A bit about our history: We lived in Kapahulu and got our first system for about $1300 2 years ago and my whole family has enjoyed the reverse osmosis hot and cold water system. We received an annual maintenance check up where the filters were changed and the system checked... Pretty straight forward... Then we found out we were moving to Las Vegas! I asked Jeremiah if he could help me resell my system and he did! Again Amazing customer service! Now that we're in Las Vegas I called Jeremiah and asked if he knew of anyone who had the same system... but no luck. And I did not want to settle for some bottled water delivery service. So guess what he did???? He brought one over for us! Using a trusted reliable local company Jeremiah had our reverse osmosis system installed! Thank you for again for our amazing water system and the amazing service! I hope this review helps you with your decision to buy from Water Group 7! Mahalo, Miranda