Derick Chandler

Lahaina, HI
If you have hard water (or suspect that your water may be hard), call Water Group 7! They are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Family owned and ran - you get the expected customer service everyone deserves! Jeremiah, our water consultant, was awesome. He took the time to go over our water quality in our home using industry standard tests (I know this because I use similar tests for my line of work). The consultation service includes educating you about what to look for in drinking water, testing for hardness, testing for particulate count in the water, and what systems they offer. The testing is free even if you do not purchase a system from them which is a plus. If you're in Ewa or Kapolei, you got some pretty hard water and I recommend getting this system. They offer multiple different systems to meet anyone's needs. We also had a reverse osmosis (R.O.) system installed at the kitchen sink for the cleanest drinking water you can get. Overall, the pricing was very fair and reasonable for these systems. It took them a day to install both systems. Overall, my wife gives her stamp of approval and we can really feel the difference! Our water is soft on the skin and we don't worry about residue from washing dishes or sediment in the pipes and toilet anymore! We cannot say enough how much we enjoy our new system!