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Our Products

Water Filtration

Our water filtration systems deliver clean, clear, fresh drinking water for your family, your employees or your customers. By utilizing a multi-stage filtration system, our commercial grade equipment dramatically improves the quality of your tap water providing you with bottled quality water for a fraction of the cost. With different configurations available, we have the technology to remove a wide range of contaminates commonly found in tap water to include everything from dirt, rust, sand, chlorine, taste, odors and a multitude of other stuff you don’t want to drink. Save money and help the environment by reducing your need for bottled water in your home or office.  Stay hydrated while filtering out the stuff you don’t want in your tap water!

Drink more water because our equipment allows you to filter tap water.
Improve the taste of your coffee, tea, soup, pasta, ice and water by effectively removing common contaminants found in tap water.
Our filters work hard at removing the stuff you don’t want to drink.

New Filter & Used Filter

Water Softeners

Hard water commonly seen as water spot/stains is a common problem across our beautiful islands of Hawaii. Surprisingly, water quality will differ between districts. For example, water hardness levels will be different in Ewa Beach when compared to Kapolei, Makakilo, Hawaii Kai and other surrounding areas. Typically hard water causes water spots in shower glass/tile, hardens as a ring around the toilet, leaves yucky soap scum in showers/tubs and leaves you with dry/itchy skin. Water containing high concentrations of calcium and magnesium is to blame but there is a solution. Our water softeners remove those unwanted minerals leaving your water clean and fresh. Water spots, dry/itchy skin, ring around the toilet and other nuisances caused by hard water will be a thing of the past.

Reduces water stains on your fixtures and corrosion in your plumbing.

Increases the performance and longevity of your water using appliances (water heater, washing machine, dishwashers and water fixtures)

Remove foul odors and taste caused by minerals and high chlorine levels and improves soap’s ability to clean.

Filtered Water Coolers

Our bottle-free water coolers produce clean and refreshing drinking water, on-demand. Utilizing a built-in filtration system, the bottle-free water cooler is connected directly to your existing water supply line thus eliminating the need for delivering, storing, and replacing 5 gallon water bottles every time a bottle goes empty.

Save money by using your existing water supply – no bottles necessary and no delivery costs.
Provide your employees and clients with fresh, clean, and healthy filtered cold and hot water.
No longer necessary to waste valuable storage space for the water bottles or risk your employees having to lift and replace heavy 5-gallon bottles.

Why Choose Water Group 7?

Kama'aina Business

We are a locally owned and operated family run business, here to serve Oahu and the rest of the Hawaiian islands. We are passionate about making sure you have the best water possible to improve your quality of life.

Comprehensive Water Testing

We test your water before proposing a solution to your water quality issues, ensuring you are investing in a system that is the right fit and the right price for your home or office.

Exclusive Hawaii Distributor

Water Group 7 is the exclusive Hawaii distributor of the Evolve water purification system, the most trusted name in water purification. Our products are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.

Water Quality Association Certified

Water Group 7 is a Water Quality Association certified installer having demonstrated a certified level of professional expertise and dedication to high professional standards. Click here for more information on the WQA.


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